A.I. Research in Hybrid Self-Adaptive Algorithms in Dynamic Environments ( Beta)
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This site is dedicated to research in Artificial Intelligence.  In particular self-organising algorithms inspired by Nature, and their application to Dynamic Environments.

Many AI-based systems demonstrate tremendous efficacy in conforming to complex landscapes, and procuring solutions to some extremely convoluted and challenging problems.  

However not all systems can then detect and accommodate change in their environments. 

The main purpose of this research is to investigate the application of adaptive systems to dynamic environments across a variety of nature-inspired learning algorithms. 

The goal is to investigate the application of a Cellular Automata based Hybrid Governing Algorithm applied to different learning systems, as a means of self-adaptation.

This is very much a work in progress.  I hope to extend the site's content and functionality over the coming weeks - including the ability for people to add comments (maybe even a newsgroup if numbers justify).

Primary technologies in this research include:

These learning algorithms will be applied to a standardised Traveling Salesman Problem to measure their optimisation capabilities and their ability to accommodate change in a dynamic environment.

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