A.I. Research in Hybrid Self-Adaptive Algorithms in Dynamic Environments ( Beta)
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1ACOAnt Colony Optimisation
10ADAPTSelf-Adaptive Algorithms
8CACellular Automata
2012CASComplex Adaptive Systems
2014COCombinatorial Optimisation
7DYNDynamic Environments
4EAEvolutionary Aglorithms
2016EPGREvolutionary Programming
2015ESTREvolutionary Strategies
11FLFuzzy Logic
1010GAGenetic Algorithms
1011GPGenetic Programming
3012LALearning Automata
9MOAMulti-Objective Algorithms
6NNNeural Networks
2019PMHParallel Metaheuristics
2PSOParticle Swarm Optimisation
2010SANSimulated Annealing
3SBCSimulated Bee Colony
2013SISwarm Intelligence
2011SOCSelf-Organised Criticality
5TSPTravelling Salesman Problem
3013WSPWaves of Swarm Particles
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